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We Fight Back is a boxing and self-defense program intended to support womxn and grrrls to stay alive and safe from violence. We do this through structured multi-week programs that include fitness, technique and sparring classes and reflective dialogue sessions. We also collaborate with other organizations and gyms to attend group workshops and events. 

WFB believes that knowing how to protect oneself, believing in one's own self worth, knowing the strength of one's own body is knowledge that leads to empowerment. 


We strive to create a space that allows the benefits of fighting sports to be accessible for womxn and grrrls ages 13 +, including trans and gender queer womxn who have experienced or are at risk of experiencing gender and relationship based violence. Our goal is to support participants as they develop self love and fight for their right to walk tall and stand strong. 


We strive to serve our community as a whole by bringing awareness to white supremacist, patriarchal oppression of womxn and grrrls based on gender, skin color, class, sexual orientation, (dis)ability, Indigenous heritage, and age. We celebrate the development of programs in Seattle that encourage womxn and grrrls to become teachers to one another. We partner with gyms and organizations that use fighting sports to cultivate a sense of sisterhood in the community, drawing womxn closer together.

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